Today in the city Poipu 22.04.2018
Britain's Pippa Middleton Pregnant With First Child: Sun on Sunday

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant with her first child, The Sun on Sunday...

'Scandal' Finale: Judy Smith, The Inspiration For Olivia Pope

The ABC Network series ended its seven-year run this week. NPR's Michel Martin talks to the PR executive on which the show was based — co-executive producer Judy Smith.

Australia Wants To Save The World. Will We Let It?

Before you talk about Australia, it's important to first reflect on what it fundamentally is, in the simplest terms: a massive Western country colonized by the British, the original home of an indigen...

'Westworld' creators confirm robots poop, and other Season 2 info I guess

Ever since Philip K. Dick first asked the question Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and inspired countless sci-fi classics like Blade Runner, we've wondered about a much more important question re...

Seeing a green moon on 420? You must be high... - CNET

Puff, puff, science. A glaring-green-moon rumor has reappeared in time for 420 "weed day" celebrations of all things pot.

Pope Francis offers condolences to Bush family after death of former first lady Barbara Bush

Pope Francis has joined others in sending words of comfort to the grieving Bush family following the death this week of former first lady Barbara Bush, a report said Thursday.

Why Olivia Pope Is Always Carrying A Prada Bag

Thursday nights on ABC will never be the same. April 19 marks the end of an era for Shondaland as Scandal, the political drama starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, a fictional character based on...

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